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Right-J®:  ACCA Manual J 7th or 8th Edition load calculations

Right-D®: ACCA Manual D duct design and sizing

                   ACCA Manual S residential system selection

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ROC112551 / ROC116086
American Standard


   24 hour         brands

      Commercial VisionPRO™ 8000

  Easy To Install. Easy To Program. Easy To Like.



Title 24 Energy/Air Quality Compliance
Preoccupancy Purge and Override Limits meet all fresh air
and override limitation requirements. Qualifies for utility

Multiple Lockout Levels

Save energy and money by preventing unauthorized
setting changes.

Holiday Setback

Lets users easily select the temperature to maintain while
they’re away from the building without re-programming.

Configurable Recovery Ramps

Automatically changes the temperature so that it ramps up
gradually, helping to prevent oversized equipment from going
beyond the desired temperature.

Great Features
The sleek design, menu-driven programming and large
touchscreen display are all here.

Saves Energy
Effortless programming helps your customers save up to 33%
off their energy bill. Energy Star® compliant.


















Bonded & Insured





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