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Right-J®:  ACCA Manual J 7th or 8th Edition load calculations

Right-D®: ACCA Manual D duct design and sizing

                   ACCA Manual S residential system selection

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Design & Build

I am highly skilled  with years of experience designing and overseeing the deployment of light commercial

and residential HVAC systems throughout the state. I am  very familiar with  Arizona's non-residential building

standards and am very conscious of developing and building  systems that meet acceptable “indoor air quality standards”.

I take great pride in the fact that we develop ,design and build energy efficient systems

and have been a team player with numerous  General Contractors .                                                                                                                          light commercial


                                                 Best Materials Use                                 "minimum amount of flexible ducting"

Since I install the best equipment on the market,


I think it is only right for us to use the best materials as well.

We use all metal supply and return trunks along with all metal supply branches,

wyes and air tight collars. Flexible duct is used only for final connections to register boxes,

" never for branch duct or trunk duct like other contractors do!"

We then externally wrap the plenums and boots with R-8 duct wrap,

that way there is no insulation in the air stream of the system.

I frequently use spiral pipe in custom homes delivering the best possible duct system you can get.

Design                                                                                                                                                                    spiral pipe and slot diffuser r-8 insulation

Using Wrightsoft (ACCA approved software) we are properly completing computerized load calculations and customized duct designs.

After years of experience and several houses , we have proven that our state-of-the-art designs work properly and efficiently

to provide comfort to the homeowners and peace of mind to our builders.

We have access to full time mechanical engineers to ensure that your houses are designed with the highest level of quality

and care using new building science techniques.

Our team also specializes in new, custom home construction; additions; and remodels. I use only the most reliable, high quality,

energy-efficient air conditioning equipment available.

 We also feature a full line of indoor air quality (IAQ) products and accessories, such as high efficiency air filters, humidifiers,

programmable thermostats,  healthy climate germicidal lights (kills mold spores and bacteria), zoning (controlled air in each room) and  more.

When Chuck receives plans for a custom home, we take pride in designing a heating and air conditioning system for maximum comfort,

which is accomplished only when a proper Manual J computer heat load, room-by-room calculation is performed. Chuck knows every home has unique

characteristics in both construction and usage.

Chuck encourages the homeowner's participation in the HVAC design process of their new home's comfort systems

Chuck as a project manager is skilled at estimating, designing and value-engineering the proper HVAC system for your needs.

I  gladly offer my design/build and installation services to those looking for a sub-contractor.

I utilize WrightSoft Universal 7.0 HVAC Manual J Residential Load Calculation and Manual D Duct Design Software. 

WrightSoft Universal provides the most accurate load analysis and equipment sizing

with Right-J® for ACCA Manual J8 load calculations.

Right-J® is the automated version of the 7th and 8th editions of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America Manual J.

Right-J® computes the sizes of heating and cooling design loads and is thus used for sizing residential HVAC equipment.


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