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Right-J®:  ACCA Manual J 7th or 8th Edition load calculations

Right-D®: ACCA Manual D duct design and sizing

                   ACCA Manual S residential system selection

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Mr. Slim© Ductless Heating and Air Conditioning

Mr. Slim ductless heating and A/C units offer an attractive alternative to unsightly window-mounted heating and cooling units. Perfect for spot cooling or heating of any room, Mr. Slim ductless units are efficient, quiet, and environmentally friendly. Since there is no ductwork to install, installation is simpler and less modification is needed to implement the units in your home or business.

To learn more, view one of the Mr. Slim brochures below:

Mr. Slim Full-line Catalog

Mr. Slim Full-line Catalog

Mr. Slim M-Series Brochure

Mr. Slim M-Series Brochure


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