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Whether to cool an entire facility or simply spot cool certain areas, the AeroCool Industrial Cooler is designed to meet today's growing demand for increased sensible cooling while maximizing energy efficiency. Buildings that require large quantities of fresh air are excellent candidates for evaporative cooling management. With the AeroCool Industrial Cooler, you get a rigid media cooler that's a rock-solid alternative to costly mechanical refrigeration systems. Ideal in a variety of industrial, commercial, institutional and agricultural environments.

Constructed of heavy galvanized steel and coated with our exclusive Peblar XT protective finish, the AeroCool Industrial Cooler utilizes single and dual inlet design and is available in side, down and up-draft configurations. The blower module may be used in conjunction with either one or two evaporative wet modules to form a complete unit. These industrial AeroCool coolers also come in both 8" and 12" Media Wet Sections.

Each wet section comes with thick rigid media for maximum evaporation. The unique design of the rigid media pads induces highly turbulent mixing of air and water for optimum moisture transfer, resulting in cooler, consistent air flow with lower temperatures.

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