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A/C Unit Overhaul ...... Now Only $850!

Is your A/C unit old but you cant afford $6000+ for a replacement?

As a 24 year pro in the HVAC field I know times are tough and not everyone can afford a new AC system but I have a solution that will extend the life of your AC unit by YEARS! How would you like to get that old system back to peak shape? While we may not be able to get it back to brand new condition I can improve it's efficiency and give you peace of mind about it's reliability. With a one year guarantee!

I can rebuild your AC unit to like new condition which would include:

ZEROL ICE treatment for noisy compressors
5-2-1 Compressor assist kit
Surge Protector
New capacitors for your compressor (1) and fan motors (2)
New contactor (1)
Refrigerant to bring your system up to manufactures recommended charge for maximum efficiency. *If you have a known leaking system we will need to find and repair the leak.
New schraeder caps and valves
Indoor coil cleaning
Outdoor coil cleaning
New fuses (2)
Tighten all wiring and connections
Securing all wiring with wire ties
Securing all capacitors with 
Oil motors if needed
New belt if needed
New digital thermostat (1)
Replacing any missing screws in cabinets
Check the superheat and sub cooling
Measure all amp draws
Check pressures
Check temperature split
Check for bearing play
Check transformer voltage
Check and tighten disconnect wiring
Visual leak search
Wash your filter if it's a permanent type
Replace low voltage wiring at condenser or AC unit if damaged
Flush out your condensate line
Fix any broken or improperly installed condensate lines
Check and balance your airflow (duct system visual analysis and advisement provided, repair extra)

Total AC rebuild, most units, only $850.00. Far less than a new unit replacement. (dual compressor systems slightly higher)

This will get your AC unit back into top condition and save you MONEY! Did you know that a properly charged unit can save you money and increase your comfort? Combine that with new components, coil cleaning and a compressor assist kit and you'll be on your way to saving money every month on your energy bill.

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